Treasure Mile Casino – It Is A Real Treasury of The Games Read Review And Learn About no deposit bonus 2021



First experience with Treasure Mile Casino and what does await the visitors?

In today’s review, we want to draw your attention to such an online institution as Treasure Mile Casino.

We suggest you to overview in detail what this web site looks like, what kind of gambling you will be offered on it, what promotions and bonuses you can use in 2021, in general, everything that interests anyone who seeks a trusted online casino.For starters, it should be paid attention to the name of the gambling house itself, because the name Treasure Mile Casino really speaks for itself.

Firstly, this Internet site is really a treasure for those who are looking for some sort of interesting bonus or promotion, in this institution there are a lot of offers of this kind and they are all quite unique in their own way.

Of course, not only the presence of interesting offers emphasizes the name of the institution, the design of Treasure Mile is quite bright and memorable.

All advertising banners, and characters that create a special atmosphere, are drawn sufficiently in a modern manner of high-quality cartoons.

Each character supports the style of the twenties. This stylish content of the website creates a pleasant and positive atmosphere, which certainly makes the client stay in this gambling house.

It is worth emphasizing that Treasure Mile Casino is one of the institutions that is part of the Genesys virtual casino network.

Why is it important to know? The first reason to keep this in mind is that all Genesys gambling sites are interconnected and if you have already completed the registration process on one of these sites once, then you won’t have to go through it again. You can just sigh in using your old account.

As for deposits made in other gambling establishments included in the Genesys system, they will automatically be available in your account, despite the fact that you are in Treasure Mile Casino. This service is quite convenient and is very popular among players.

The second reason why it is worth remembering that this institution is one of the houses included in the whole network is purely informative.

The fact is that almost all the main promotions in these establishments are identical and having taken part in any promotion once, you will not have to think and study it again.

If you like any offer and under the conditions you are able to take part in it again, then you can do it without hesitation.
Well, the last third but quite significant reason that you need to know is the absolute trust in the network of gambling establishments Genesys, since they have supporting documents iTech Labs which is an absolute guarantee of fair play.

To the general description of Treasure Mile Casino, it remains to add only a few details.

The gambling house itself is located at

Players have several options to start playing on this site, customers can use the online version of Treasure Mile, you can also download its version to your computer.

If you still decide not to download the app, then be sure that you can always visit this site both from a mobile and from any other device supporting an Internet connection.


Games selection

At, you will be provided with a wide selection of all kinds of gambling entertainment.

Video slots will be provided to players in various topics and interpretations, undoubtedly customers will also be able to choose any table game, or classic game such as Black Jack or Roulette.

For video poker fans there is a separate section that will provide a choice for every taste.

For fans of games such as keno, there is a separate section, players can find this type of entertainment in the “others” section.

Tournaments are held in several sections of the games.

An interesting and quite comfortable function is the instruction for games, this is a special guide in which there are separate sections for each category of games presented.

In a word, the choice of games on is simply gorgeous and here everyone will definitely pick up something original and interesting.

Reflecting on the rich choice with which lovers of gambling business come across in almost every good institution, I want to note that today it has reached its peak.

If you go in a gambling house and still have not decided on the game you would like to play, there may be slight difficulties with the choice. The fact is that there is so much entertainment that the client is really lost in the variety of offers and does not know in favor of what specifically to make his choice.

There are, of course, two solutions to this situation. Firstly, you can read one two reviews and get acquainted with the most popular games at the moment. Secondly, you can use the free play mode and literally test a couple of three games yourself.

Naturally, you won’t be able to test every game, but most likely if you have already come to an online casino, you have a minimal idea of ​​both the games themselves and their categories, so test what may be of little interest to you.


Royal Banquet at the Treasure mile

Goes on the online platform, we decided to test several games ourselves.

The only inconvenience that it is worth to say right away was the inability to test any game even in the demo version, without registration. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a little personal time. The “Sign in” function will be offered in almost all sections, as well as the “log in” function that appears during any of your actions and offers to either log in or create an account.

So now, let’s get back to the slots that our team decided to spin in demo mode. We hope this diversifies this review and maybe our random choice among the offers will be useful to you.

The first slot we decided to randomly test was Royal Banquet.

The amusement was quite colorful, the musical accompaniment immediately reminded us of the times where the royal balls were taking a place, and the royal treatment was filled with secular conversations.

The field itself where the game process takes place is placed against the backdrop of the reception hall in the royal palace, the hall itself is decorated with torches and designed with sufficient grandiose symbolizing of the distant times.

Despite the fact that the player is completely immersed in the exquisite atmosphere of the royal chambers, the slot is ironic enough and contains subtle humor that does not let you get bored.

The symbols of this machine are drawn in the style of caricatures, which gives it a zest of humor and irony. You will get acquainted with the characters as a royal chef, on the cheeks of which his health is literally reflected, a monk who adores to eat, what his appearance, a funny and stupid-looking knight, attests to.

It will not do without the abundance of the royal table, which is also becoming an integral part of the game.

Royal Banquet Slot is a five-reel machine with three rows of characters. It is interesting that the king himself plays the role of a wild symbol.

But the role of the scatter symbol is played by the court jester. In the presence of three scatter symbols, the player is given 10 free spins.  If the player is lucky enough to collect four symbols, then he will receive fifteen free spins, and finally, five scatter symbols give as many as thirty spins. The role of the Bonus symbol was assigned to the frightened – chicken, which is in a shocked state and in anticipation of something terrible. At least three bonus symbols give a bonus game. The slot is also designed for playing in automatic mode

The overall impression of the game is excellent! This mood is acquired thanks to the successfully combined theme of serious royal palaces and clearly emphasized humor. Try it, the machine you should like it, at least it will not be boring at all!


Hot Samba and a sea of ​​emotions

The second slot, which literally plunged into the sea of ​​positive emotions and feelings of the holiday on the Treasure Mile, became Samba Spins. The subject matter of this slot unambiguously corresponds to the declared name. The theme of a bright and impressive Brazilian carnival cannot leave indifferent even the most inveterate skeptic.

The Brazilian carnival itself is an action filled with dancing and costumes of incredible beauty.

Thousands of dancers create the atmosphere of an unforgettable holiday, and probably each of us, having the opportunity, would not be opposed to appear at this carnival personally.

“Samba Spins” game completely immerses you in a carnival atmosphere and takes the player to the hot edges of Brazil.

One of the most popular dance at this procession is samba, and it is these rhythms that accompany you throughout the game and the voices of the participants and guests of the carnival bring them closer to absolute reality.

The playing field is located on the road, on which the very action of the holiday and the procession of dancers take place.

Samba Spins slot has five game reels with three rows of symbols for each. The edges of the reels are decorated with tropical flowers and vines, which are also an integral symbol of the Brazilian carnival, from these flowers the Brazilian girls weave wreaths and decorate the guests neck.

The developers of this machine didn’t forget about the country’s jumbo world and in order to finally transfer their players to Brazil, they added the presence of a parrot and a chameleon.

Musical instruments are found as symbols of the game, because they are an integral part of a noisy and colorful action. The drums, rattles and whistles, all of them play role the symbols of the slot. It was not without the Masks, as well as fireworks, both of the subjects represents the symbols too. There are also literal images of high cards.

If we talk about the carnival, it’s not difficult to guess who will play the role of wild symbols. Two wild symbols in the person of a dancer and a girl dancer, are endowed with the ability to replace any other symbols, except for the scatter. The scatter symbol symbolizes fireworks and it gives free spins.

This entertainment is definitely suitable for those who love noisy processions, loud institutions and are used to spending their time with friends.

Those who are more inclined to a relaxed atmosphere and do not like noisy companies, the machine is unlikely to give pleasure.

Although of course, as you remember and know, in this life almost everything needs to be tried, of course  if you really want to form your personal opinion.

So try it, especially since there is a free opportunity to do it directly on the website


Bonuses and no deposit bonus 2021

As with most online casinos, TreasureMile Casino offers you various bonuses and promotions. One of the most popular bonuses of such kind institutions is a welcome bonus

A welcome bonus on the website is provided in the form of a Welcome pack which works on certain conditions in several stages. And you will definitely like the conditions.

First, during registration you will immediately receive a no deposit bonus 2021 with twenty five free spins! And to be honest, the concept of no deposit bonus 2021 is quite rare, as a rule it is simply stated, but in reality it is not. In order to activate this gift, you must use one of the bonus codes, you can see this code on the TreasureMile Casino website in the conditions and description of this promotion.

The second part of this promotion entails a 200 percent bonus of up to 500 euros.

In this case, the player must put his first deposit and also use one of the bonus codes specified in the conditions of the promotion.

You can also get twenty-five euro for free. However, you will need to fill out a bonus code that you can still get on the same page of Casino Treasure Mile

Besides the bright welcome bonus, there is no less good news for hunters for promo codes and no deposit code.

After looking for detailed information about these promotions on Internet resources regarding Casino Treasure Mile, there are offers that will definitely satisfy fans of no deposit games.

Each no deposit code that you can find corresponds to certain games, the category of games depends on where exactly you received the promo codes.

Having spent some personal time, you will certainly find more than one such no deposit code.

But be careful when reading the conditions for the acquisition of such prizes, not every no deposit code carries the concept of “no deposit”, which means that you will have to do the minimum contribution for any privilege.

Of course, we will not devote at least two more pages of the review to all the offers that may await you at Casino Treasure Mile.

As was said in the beginning of this review, this gambling house is a real treasury of interesting offers, and if you are interested, you can read more about them on the it web site in the promotions section.

What is worth highlighting is that in the ninety percent of the promotions cases, the bonus code will be applicable, most likely this is a hallmark of Casino Treasure Mile


Transactions, payments and technical side

Certainly, in order to start a game in a particular institution, first you need to find out what currency it supports, how long it will take to withdraw money and what methods you can do.

This institution supports a sufficient number of currencies. There are only 7 namely, the Norwegian Krone, Swedish and Danish Krone, Pound Sterling, Euro and others.

There are fifteen deposit methods for depositing money, the most popular of them: Ukash, Neteller, Visa Debit, MasterCard, transfer to a bank account and some other ways.

You can take your money in eleven ways: sending checks by mail, ECO Card, Visa, Skrill, Ukash, etc.

There is a a limit on the withdrawal of funds won, it is designated the amount of one and a half thousand dollars a week.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that for residents of country such as Canada and Europeans there are certain methods of depositing and withdrawing money.

If you are a resident of those, then read this information in more detail in the Banking section.

Useful to know about the  prohibitions and restrictions on access to the gaming platform for a number of countries, a list of which you can also see personally on the platform itself.

Unfortunately, such prohibitions are not uncommon and you always need to understand about them.

Take a rule that before setting up to visit a certain entertainment platform, you first need to exclude your country from the list of banned ones.

As for the opportunity to get in touch, the online chat can be used, in the presence of which you can always be in contact with the online support service and solve all your questions.

If for any reason you hesitate to contact live chat, you have always the opportunity to send an email.

Another alternative method of communication is the telephone, this service is available and you can use it too.

Summing up this review to the end, we can conclude that this casino can be recommended, because there are a lot more pluses in this institution than minuses.

First of all, let’s remind once again that TreasureMile Casino is part of a network of institutions that have been standing on the strong legs of the gaming industry for more than 10 years.

This platform is personified and certified in the field of fair play.

Here is a huge selection of games for every taste, as well as a large number of promotions that are very important especially for beginners.

According to surveys of independent companies, this house has a good rating among users and this is really the place they are accustomed to trust.

The rating of the institution is constantly growing and this is a very good indicator. Over the past six months, this institution was visited by residents from almost all parts of the world, including residents of countries such as: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and European Countries.

Treasure Mile is a high-quality platform on which it is comfortable to play both from a computer and from a mobile without unnecessary downloading of additional equipment.

Now you own all the necessary information in order to draw your own conclusion and decide on a solution. Which conclusion would not have been made by you, whether it was in favor of this gambling house, or in favor of any other, try to adhere to the rule that you need to play only in verified licensed places.

Hope this review was helpful for you and all that remains to be done is to see for yourself and enjoy your favorite slot or classic game.